Jewelry Repair Service

At Best Value Jewelry & Pawn, our jewelers have the capability and resources necessary to repair and restore nearly any jewelry item back to optimal condition right in our Fort Pierce location; your jewelry does not leave our sight. (Any repairs taken in at our Port Saint Lucie location are picked up and transported by a member of our upper-management team.)

When you have a damaged piece of jewelry, it is best to have it repaired as quickly as possible to avoid any further damage. Collect any loose pieces, stones, etc. that you can and bring them with you when having your piece repaired; the jeweler may be able to use them in the repair.

Don’t worry about cost! Because we do jewelry repairs on-site and have most of the supplies needed in-house, we can keep jewelry repair costs lower than most of our competitors.

Best Value Jewelry & Pawn has a jewelry testing station that includes state of the art equipment. Our XRF equipment can test precious metals and provide a detailed report on gold and silver jewelry pieces. We have the ability to review gemstones and determine whether they are precious or semi-precious stones. For a nominal fee, we can test and provide you with a detailed report on your gold and silver jewelry. Come on in and ask us about it!

Pip has worked repairing jewelry for over 30 years. We are very fortunate to have his experience and talent working from our jewelers bench.

At Best Value Jewelry & Pawn we also offer the following jewelry repair services:

• Ring sizing

• Ring prong re-tipping or replacement

• Ring head/setting replacement

• Ring setting/stone tightening

• Chain repair

• Clasp replacement

• Stone replacement

• Polishing and cleaning (Basic clean & polish is always complimentary)

• Pearl restringing

• Watch band adjustment

• Watch Battery (We only use Energizer batteries)

Custom Designs & Jewelry Re-styling

Creating a custom piece of jewelry has never been easier; you provide a picture or an idea and we will help bring it to life. At Best Value Jewelry & Pawn our jewelers have the experience in mold making, casting and stone setting, plus we carry a large selection of precious and semi-precious stones in stock that you can add to your creation. OR get Grandma’s brooch out of the jewelry box. Come in and let us help you re-style it in to a new modern day piece that you will want to wear every day!

Custom designs and re-styling do not have to be expensive; because we keep most of the items needed to create jewelry and we have jewelers on-site, we have the ability to keep your custom creations affordable.


Should I pawn or sell my item? What is the difference between pawning or selling my item? These seem to be the biggest questions for many customers, especially if it is their first time using the services of a pawn shop. It really is very simple and the customer’s choice.

A pawn is simply a secured loan. If you decide to pawn your item, it means that you are using your item as collateral for a loan with the intention of redeeming it. When your loan and fees are paid in full, your item is returned to you. If you decided at a later time that you did not want your item back and do not intend to pay back the loan, no worries! Your loan will default, the item will become the property of Best Value and we will sell it as payment for the loan. This will not hurt your credit score in any way.

If you choose to sell us your item, it means that you no longer want it and do not intend on getting back. You will receive your cash payment and your transaction is complete! There is nothing else to do.

Unexpected moments happen every day! Best Value Jewelry & Pawn is here to help you in the way that is best suited for you. Don’t be afraid to ask us questions, that is what we are here for!

What can you pawn or sell with us? The list is long. However, depending on how much money you need, you should know that some items pay more than others. Here are some items that we accept:

Fine Jewelry


• Diamond & Colored Gemstone Jewelry

• 10K, 14K, 18K Gold Jewelry

• Silver Jewelry

• Tennis Bracelets

• Earrings

• Necklaces

• Pendants

• Chains

• Branded Jewelry (ie/Tiffany, Pandora, David Yurman, etc)

• Luxury & Designer Watches


• Game Systems (modern & vintage)

• Laptops & PCs

• Tablets

• TVs

• DSL Cameras

• Bluetooth Headphones & Speakers • Drones

• And Much More!

Musical Instruments & Pro Audio

• Guitars (acoustic & electric)

• Keyboards

• Brass and wind instruments

• Violins & other string instruments

• Amps

• Mixers

• DJ Equipment & Turntables

• Microphones

• Recording Equipment


• Power Tools Makita Dewalt SnapOn Milwaukee Ryobi & Others

• Lawn Equipment & Tools

• Hand Tools

• Power Washers

• Generators

• And Much More!

Household Items

These items must be in new or excellent condition and must be clean.

• Kitchen Aid Mixers

• Blenders (Oster, Kitchen Aid)

• Air Conditioning Units (window & standing)

• Heating Units

• And More!

This is a short list of items that we loan on and purchase. If you don’t see the item you wish to bring to us or are just not sure about it, give us a call and speak with one of our friendly associates before coming in!
Fort Pierce: 772-467-1199 PSL: 772-340-2424